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Frequently Asked Questions

See some of frequently asked questions & troubleshooting below.

The Opal One is compatible with the "Original" Nespresso type/size coffee capsules. It is not compatible with the Nespresso "Vertuo" type/size of coffee capsule.

Cause: The water tank does not have sufficient water.

Solution: Fill the water tank to max capacity.

Cause: The capsule container is full, or the pod may be deformed.

Solution: Ensure the capsule container is empty. If a pod is stuck, push it down with one finger or open/close the handle.

Cause: Pod may become stuck to the machine & melt / deform if the pod is not ejected after the brew cycle.

Solution: Eject pod immediately after the brew cycle by lifting the handle and allowing the pod to drop into the capsule container.
If a pod is stuck, push it down with one finger or open/close the handle.

Cause: This can happen when the handle is opened too quickly after brewing.

Solution: Leave a few moments to allow the residual pressure to escape.

Cause: Drip tray is full or not inserted properly.

Solution: Empty drink tray & ensure it’s in place.

Cause: The ground coffee in the pod is too fine.

Solution: Change to a new coffee pod (see types of pods section)

This is normal. The machine uses a pressurised system to ensure the best extraction.

This is normal. The heater is keeping warm / the machine is purging.

Opal comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, starting from the day the product is purchased.

This warranty only applies to products purchased and used in private households (non-commercial). The warranty is void in commercial use. The warranty is void in the event of misuse, negligence, failure to follow Opal's instructions and by modification or unauthorised repair of the product.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects or defects that occur during the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to use of incorrect electrical voltage, normal wear and tear, incorrect use, or lack of maintenance, such as:

1. Ensuring the ejection of the pod immediately after each brew cycle

2. Product overload

3. Scale build up; descaling must be carried out in accordance with the instructions for use

Presentation of your proof of purchase is proof of the guarantee.