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If you’re a fan of flavour, stop scrolling. This is the pod coffee machine for you. It delivered a great tasting shot of espresso every time and dealt with speciality pods from smaller roasters well.

Best Pod Coffee Machine

When it came to flavour, the Opal One was unrivalled, with its impeccable performance earning it the pod coffee machine crown.

Good Housekeeping
Good House Keeping
Best Pod Coffee Machine and Best for Speciality Pods

When it came to making flavourful shots of strong black coffee, no rival pod machine could match it. It also dealt well with speciality pods, if you’re after some variety in the morning.

Men's Health
Men's Health
Best Pod Coffee Machine

By far the best pod machine we tested…producing great-tasting espressos, and it also handled a range of specialty pods with consummate ease. This won’t be beaten.

Runner's World
Runner's World
Best Pod Coffee Machine

The perfect way to experience speciality coffee pods.

Customisable Settings

Adjustable Temperature

Higher Pressure

800ml Water Tank

Choose the pre-programmed ristretto (25ml), espresso (40ml) or lungo (110ml) options or set your own. OPAL’s easily customised settings mean you can perfectly personalise your coffee to suit your preferences, or the roaster’s recommendations.

Specialty coffees and lighter roasts usually require higher brewing temperatures than most pod machines can achieve to extract all the goodness from the coffee. With the OPAL you can switch between 3 temperature settings to make sure your coffee tastes exactly as it should.

OPAL's silicon brewing chamber is specially engineered to avoid leaks and unwanted dilution of your coffee. OPAL’s higher pressure brew-mechanism delivers a fuller bodied, stronger coffee that’s closer to barista-prepared espresso than any pod machine before.

A comparatively large water tank for this compact machine means you can keep brewing for longer. When you do need to, it’s easily removed making for convenient refilling and cleaning.

Brew Better Coffee Capsules

OPAL utilises a unique silicon brew chamber, eliminating unwanted dilution which is often present with other pod machines and compatible pods. Never suffer a watery, weak coffee again!

The OPAL One features both higher pressure and higher temperature brewing — delivering a fuller-bodied, stronger capsule coffee than ever before. Achieve maximum flavour from a smaller volume of coffee with the OPAL’s specialised brewing technology.

Customise Your Brewing

If you know just how you like your coffee, there’s no need to compromise with the OPAL One pod machine. Adjust both temperature and volume with OPAL’s simple-to-follow personalised programming modes.

In this way, you can follow the recommendations of your favourite coffee roaster, or develop your own unique settings for a truly personalised coffee break.

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Speciality Heritage

Made in collaboration with 3x UK Barista Champion and industry thought-leader Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, OPAL One combines technological know-how with leading coffee-industry expertise, offering the most accessible and convenient way to enjoy high-quality, expertly roasted coffee.

Enjoy premium coffee with exceptional flavour

The OPAL One coffee pod machine brews better coffee than any other coffee capsule machine on the market and showcases the full-potential of the exciting world of specialty coffee.

Additional Information

Barcode: 5060579400187
Unit Dimensions: L 42cm x W 15cm x H 29cm

Power specifications: 220-240v
PLEASE NOTE: OPAL One is only compatible in 220 - 240v areas.

Download the Instructional Manual here.

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Opal comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, starting from the day the product is purchased.

This warranty only applies to products purchased and used in private households (non-commercial). The warranty is void in commercial use. The warranty is void in the event of misuse, negligence, failure to follow Opal's instructions and by modification or unauthorised repair of the product.